Jiri Fusek


I am independent developer of desktop, web and mobile applications running on the Microsoft .NET platform and also programmer of the SIEMENS and MITSUBISHI PLC's. Except IT in general, I am additionally active in the segment of industrial automation with focus on the development of control software for production lines and collecting production, process and technology data from production lines and other production facilities.

What can I offer

I am offering development and modification of information systems in order eventually integrate custom solutions into existing systems in finance, industry and healthcare. In the segment of industrial automation I also implement higher-level control software for production lines and related systems. I am also able to make adjustments at a lower level within the program of the PLC unit controlled by a higher system. I deal with realization of the product from the initial analysis to final handover to the customer. After successful UAT is a final product handed over to the user including possible support according to agreement. In addition to "greenfield" development I can also make adjustments in existing systems implemented by other vendors. My knowledge and "know-how" is constantly expanding through training sessions, conferences and seminars organized by specialized companies or developer community.


The solution is implemented in C# .NET in the form of REST services for less complex systems or Windows Services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services hosted on a Windows server enabling advanced configuration in terms of security and scalability of the system. In case of industrial automation the services contain functionality related to communication with the PLC's, communication with the higher-level production system or communication with each other. As a data warehouse can be used MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others. For material flow visualization, for the actual operation on the production line and other software used for the collection of production, process and technology data are used technologies such as WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET WebForms or MVC, jQuery, Silverlight and Windows Phone, depending on whether it is a desktop, web or mobile application.

Project references

Recent projects include implementation of the control and visualization software for production line producing polished silicon wafers assembled by ON Semiconductor Czech Republic Ltd. The main objective was to develop the control system for each main PLC of individual production line segments providing control during processing of input material (visualized at the terminals) shifting across all stages to the output.


For implementation of the control and visualization software related to production line producing polished silicon wafers assembled by ON Semiconductor Czech Republic Ltd., I am as main programmer of the system, along with other colleagues (IT, service team, technology) involved in the whole solution, received award from the director of production for the successful realization of project and system development.

Other interests

Except technologies in the field of software development I'm interested in (micro) electronics and technologies providing extensive application of advanced automation in industry or the development of renewable energy sources. I am also supporter of electrification in the automotive industry or transport in general. The biggest persons, visionaries and innovators of recent years are for me Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.


Write me at the email fusek.jiri@gmail.com or contact me on any of these social networks listed below or call directly on my phone number +420 774 331 232. I also attach my professional CV.

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